"The Collectors"

The 45RPM record recently celebrated it's 50th birthday and record collectors are still mesmerized by those little vinyl discs with a multitude of different colored labels.  It is part of the mystique and excitement that drives people to the ends of the earth in searching for a piece of plastic.  It is partly the rarity of some of these records but it is also the history that it represents.   Labels such as Chance, Red Robin, After Hours, Aladdin, Apollo, Parrott, Rama and dozens of others have taken on legendary status among record collectors and lovers of R&B music.  

One 45RPM record recently sold for $18,000.  Was it worth it? Obviously, for someone, it was worth every cent.  The rumor of the legendary 45 RPM copy of "Stormy Weather" by the Five Sharps on Jubilee has re-surfaced again.  Someone put a price of $45, 000  on the record, if in fact it does exist.  

It's certainly interesting to see what some of these records are valued at but don't confuse prices of records with what's "in the grooves" as they say in musical circles. There are $20 records that are absolutely fantastic from a musical perspective. Conversely, there are also very expensive records that aren't the greatest musically but just happen to be rare because only a few were pressed.  This author wouldn't place "Stormy Weather" by the Five Sharps at the top of  any "greatest" songs list.

However, musical tastes are subjective and beauty is in the "ear" of the listener.  I think it is safe to say that each and everyone of us that has or still collects 45 RPM records feels that our records are a treasure.    

Web Author's Note

The majority of records in this section were photo images provided to the author who has some great $20 records and a large CD collection.


(Prices are from the 45RPM Vocal Group Record Guide by Jeff Kreiter)

"Doll Face" was recorded by Bobby Thomas and the Vibranaires for After Hours records (NYC).   Approx. value $2000.
"Please Say You'll Be Mine" was recorded by the Sunbeams in 1957 for Acme records (Long Island, NY).  Approx. value $1500.
"Secret Love" was recorded by Bobby Lester and the Moonglows in 1953 for Chance records (Chicago).  Approx. value $1200.
"My Saddest Hour"  was recorded by the Five Keys in 1953 for Alladin records (Beverly Hills, CA),  Approx. value $700.
"Goodnight Sweetheart Goodnight" was recorded by the Spaniels in 1953 for Vee Jay records (Chicago).  Approx. value $350 (red wax).  
"One Little Kiss" was recorded by the Keynotes in 1957 for Apollo records (NYC). Approx. value $125.
"Don't Say You're Sorry" was recorded in 1957 by the Kingsmen (not the 60's group) for Club 51 records (Chicago).  Approx. value $2000.
"Earth Angel" was recorded in 1954 by Cleve duncan and the Penquins for Dootone records.   Approx. value $75
"Wonder Why" was recorded in 1954 by Herman Dunham & the Solitaires for Old Town records (NYC).  Approx. value $250 (red wax $800).
"In The Still Of The Night" was recorded in 1956 by Fred Paris and the Five Satins for Standord records (New Haven, CT).  Approx. value $700.
"Can I Come Over Tonight" was recorded by Jerome "Romeo" Ramos and the Velours in 1957 for Onyx records (NYC). Approx. value $125.
"Heartbreaker" was recorded by Daniel "Sonny" Norton & the Crows in 1953 for Rama records (NYC).  Approx.. value $400.  (red wax $1000)
"Frankie, My Eyes Are On You" was recorded by Little Iris Culmer and the majestics in 1956 for Marlin records.  Approx. value $3500
"The Beat of Our Hearts" was recorded by the Five Blue Notes in 1954 for Sabre  records (Chicago).  Approx. value $2000.
"Pleading to You" was recorded by the Five Owls in 1955 for Vulcan records (Birmingham, AL).  Approx. value $150.  (First press shiny red $250).
"I Love Only You" was recorded by the Mello-Harps in 1955 for Tin Pan Alley records (NYC).  Approx. value $300.
"Missing You" was recorded by the Starlites in 1957 for Peak records (NYC).  Approx. value $150.  
"Prove It Tonight" was recorded by Anthony Gourdine & the Duponts in 1957 for Royal Roost.  Approx. value $50.  This is the first recording for Little Anthony.
"Lundee Dundee" was recorded by Ricky Cordo and the Versatiles for Ro-Cal records (NYC) in 1960.  Approx. value $100. 
"Jeanie" was recorded by Carl Petress & the Unique Teens in 1957 for Hanover records (NYC).  Approx. value $50.  It was also released on Ivy. Perfect example of  fantastic record for low price
"More and More" was recorded by the Love Larks in 1957  for Mason's record (NYC).   Approx. value $1500.  The  copy shown here is a re-issue on Fellatio records that came out in the 1970's.  Approx. value of re-issue $10.
"Have You Ever Met An Angel" was recorded by the Valtones in 1956 for Gee records (NYC).  Approx. value $400.
"Tabarin"  was recorded by the Tangiers in 1955 for Decca records (NYC). Approx. value  $100.  The Tangiers were actually the west coast Hollywood Flames who recorded under many different names over the years. 
"Please Don't Crush My Dreams" was originally recorded by the Emerals in 1958 on Triple X records (NYC).  Approx. value $400.   This is a copy of the Times Square records re-issue.  
"The Stars Are out Tonight" was recorded by the Teardrops in 1954 for Jozie records (NYC).   Approx. value $250.  The Teardrops are purported to be white which would make them a very early pioneer white vocal group.
"The Meaning of Love" was recorded by the Goldentones in 1955 for Jay-Dee records (NYC).   The approx. value $150.
"I Love You" was recorded by the Gaytunes in 1957 for Joyce records (NYC).  Approx. value $150.